On October 6, eight women and one man met me in Florence. He was either crazy, doing penance for some unspeakable act or the luckiest guy in the world. Actually, I think all of the above.

We spent 8 days exploring Tuscany, a very popular region for tourists.  Incredibly, this was a first visit for all but two of the travelers.  We laughed in the face of jet lag, dodged hoards of tourists like we were in a well-coreographed dance, put our gluten and dairy concerns (and any thoughts of diet for that matter) on the back burner as we indulged in wine, cheese, focaccia, and gelato. Being naughty never tasted so good.

We did a lot: lots of walking, touring beautiful monuments and hill towns. We tasted wines and learned about the complexities of the winemaking process. We were graciously welcomed to an Italian home where we learned true Tuscan culinary secrets. We were awed, inspired, reverent and rowdy all in one day. And oh my goodness, did we laugh. And we made others laugh, everywhere we went, from taxi drivers to waiters to shopkeepers.  The Italians were delighted by our enthusiasm and our happiness truly seemed contagious.

For me, the trip was like hanging out with a group of friends. There was a relaxed pace and general camaraderie that was truly special. We did not see every single thing that “should” be seen in Florence. But we did embrace the true spirit of the Italian culture every day in every way. I am sure the trip meant something different to each and every person on the trip. While I don’t know what each person will remember the most, what I do know is this:  Tuscany will never be the same!

If you were with us, I would welcome hearing your thoughts in the comments below. Arrivederci!

One thought on “Totally Tuscany – October 2014

  1. Your killing me Ashley. I was one of those 8 girls on that trip and I can’t say good enough things about it!!!! I will always cherish the fun, food, and memories that we all shared. You are one in a million.

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