One year.  365 days. Over 100 blog posts. One Minute Getaways. Foodie Fridays. Countless recipes – some received with lukewarm response from my tasting team (aka three kids and a husband).  Others were devoured before I could even get a photo for the blog.  I have met the most incredible people on this journey.  There are so many who share my love of Italy and things Italian and I am learning so much from them as they share their experiences with me.  Like Linda who bought a place in Abruzzo (you will hear from her next week in our Undiscovered Italy series) and Susan who is a friend of an acquaintance, found L’Esperta on Facebook and with whom I connected immediately when we met in person (over sfogliatelle). We are having lunch this week  – hopefully to talk about her upcoming trip to Rome. Like the Morans and the Morellis who were gracious enough to include us in their Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve – this was a whole new experience for me and I was honored to be included. People send me new hotel recommendations, restaurants they discovered, cool boutiques or museums that they stumbled across in their travels.  L’Esperta is really becoming what I hoped it would be  – a community of Italophiles who just can’t get enough of la dolce vita. And when, for whatever reason, we can’t get to Italy, we will bring Italy here in little ways everyday.

My dream when I started L’Esperta was to touch people’s lives, bring them joy and share beauty with them in their everyday lives. What I never expected was that my readers and clients would do the same for me.  Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of the L’Esperta community over the past year.  Thank you for your comments, suggestions, enthusiasm and general love for Italy.   I could not continue this journey without you and I look forward to many years of la dolce vita with you.



We will be celebrating our one year anniversary throughout the month of March with activities, contests and prizes on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram so don’t forget to join us there.  And if you know someone who shares our love of Italy, share this post with them – it’s never too late to become a part of our community.


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