It’s easy to get caught up in work.  The daily grind is real, it’s the 9-5, making lunches, doing laundry, carpools, bills to pay, dogs to feed and walk.  For those of us running our own business, the pressure is even greater. It’s easy to return to the computer after dinner, before the kids get up, to shoot off a few emails before bed.  It’s the life of the entrepreneur and I love it because I am doing exactly what I want to do and I am sharing my love of Italy with so many people every day.  But what I love even more than Italy is my family.



This is why I am taking five days off to hit the beach, play mini golf, drink wine and eat seafood.   I need it, we all need it.  I hope you have all had a chance to take a vacation, even if it is just a weekend away with the ones you love.  It’s important.  Really important.  See you next week!

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