It’s crunch time folks – T minus 10 hours until those resolutions need to be put to paper (then quickly forgotten or abandoned).  Never fear, I’ve got you covered with a resolution list that you can stick to and that will bring you great joy in 2016 .  It’s going to be a fabulous year, I just know it.  Here is the list to make it happen.  It contains a variation on all the usual resolutions that I think you will find most doable.

In 2016 I resolve to:

  1. Learn a new language – let’s all start by committing to the proper pronunciation of bruschetta. Ok, it’s a pet peeve of mine but for the love of God people, please learn it.  It’s a “k” sound, not a “sh” sound.
  2. Never drink cappuccino after 11 am.  Cappuccino is breakfast, not dessert.  If you must, go for the affogato – espresso with ice cream – which is totally a dessert and most definitely delicious. If the whole coffee culture puzzles you, here is a primer to help you out.
  3. Wear more scarvesAny woman who has less than 10 scarves in her wardrobe is highly suspect to me.  I have “a few” more than that….
  4. Read a book – I am recommending one set in Italy. A few of my favorites are:  The Sixteen Pleasures, Living in A Foreign Language: A Memoir of Food, Wine and Love in Italy, and Room With a View (read Under the Tuscan Sun if you must – I am not a fan but I certainly understand the appeal).
  5. Eat Lentils – not only are they good for you, but they are a must for New Year’s.  In Italian custom, they are said to represent coins and are believed to bring prosperity – who am I to tempt fate?
  6. Take Walks – we all resolve to exercise more in the new year but a simple walk is healthy, restorative and energizing. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and even spend some quality time with a loved one.  The Italians are big fans of la passeggiata.
  7. Eat more veggies – half the plate should be plant based.  And with veggies like the Italians do them, there is really no excuse.  Here is a  good recipe to get you started on your health kick.
  8. Experience a new cultureand watch a movie set in Italy – so many favorites:  The Great Beauty,  Much Ado About Nothing, Only You, Roman Holiday.  Sounds like a New Year’s Day Marathon to me!
  9. Drink more prosecco.  Because prosecco.
  10. Travel more – go to Italy. Get yourself there. It’s on my list every year and somehow I always seem to make it happen 😉 Do you want to join me?  Get a group together and we will hit the road for a 2016 adventure of a lifetime!

Buon Anno- Happy New Year my friends!

2 thoughts on “Your 2016 Resolution List (Italian Style)

  1. Auguri! That’s a list I can live with. Wait, I already do 🙂
    Congrats on the blog award – you deserve it. Let’s do coffee soon. And maybe a biscotto.

  2. Happy New Year Ashley! I will be sure to share your resolutions with Tess ( especially the lentils). Congratulations on your blog post!

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