So, you got engaged over the holidays? Congratulations!  What an exciting time! Italy is synonymous with romance. The gorgeous landscapes, enchanting villages not to mention that the amorous nature of Italians is contagious.  I did not take my honeymoon in Italy (that’s kind of like a busman’s holiday) but I do think it is a perfect place for newlywed couples. Italy has it all and you can craft a trip that combines a little of everything and something for each of you: town and country, city and seaside. I recommend not trying to do too much – you need time to relax and unwind after an exhausting year (or more) of planning, organizing and celebrating.  Choose two places to stay and do day trips so you don’t have to constantly be on the go. The point is to have quiet moments to enjoy each other’s company while discovering new places. It’s about lingering over a delicious meal, strolling arm in arm and making unforgettable memories to start your lives together.  Here is a list of romantic hotels to consider whether you on on your honeymoon or just looking for a getaway for you and your special someone. No matter which hotel you choose, there is romance and love to be found in this beautiful country. It’s the home of Romeo & Juliet – how could there NOT be romance?


  • Splurge – Portrait Suites Rome is owned by the Ferragamo and their timeless, elegant style certainly comes through.  This is the newest addition to their collection of hotels (the rest of which are in their hometown of Florence).   The rooftop terrace with a fireplace, cozy chairs & blankets offer a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of prosecco and a view of the Spanish Steps.
  • Steal  – Hotel Lunetta is a charming boutique hotel located right near the lively Campo dei Fiori.  The rooms are not huge, especially by American standards but the staff is lovely, the space is beautiful and they too have a terrace with a view of the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle (the third largest dome in Rome and the setting for the first act of the opera Tosca).  If you are looking for a more spacious accommodation, book the Junior Suite or Family Suite which is still a splurge by Rome standards.


  • Splurge – Four Seasons is the gold standard.  There are a lot of lovely hotels in Florence (the whole Ferragamo Lungarno Collection is lovely) but I can’t think of a more romantic, exquisite place to stay in Florence.  The spa is phenomenal and the guest services are perfection. The only drawback would be if you wanted to be on the river.  In such case, I would recommend Lungarno Suites or the Hotel degli Orafi (see below).
  • Steal  –  Hotel degli Orafi this remains one of my favorite hotels in Florence. It’s an eclectic combination of modern and traditional with a very intimate feel.  For a most romantic holiday, book the “Room With a View” suite which was actually in the movie based on the book by E.M. Forester.   The terrace overlooks the Ponte Vecchio and is a perfect place to spend a romantic evening.


  • Splurge-  (actually splurgissimoAman Venice is one of the newest in the Aman global collection and is the ultimate in over the top luxury. This is where George Clooney was married.  I think you get the picture…..
  • Steal  –  Ca’ Maria Adele was awarded the Most Romantic Boutique Hotel in the world in 2015 and is quintessentially Venetian.  Tucked away across the Grand Canal from St. Mark’s Square and next to the church of Santa Maria della Salute (fabulous), this is a perfect romantic hideaway.  Do note that it is classic Venetian style – think lots of brocade, glass chandeliers, fabric covered walls.  It’s an elegant style but not for everyone.


  • Splurge  – Le Sirenuse – My father still talks about his stay in Positano at the Sireneuse in the 50s when he paid $25 dollars a night which included all meals.  He also remembers the gorgeous models lining the pool deck so  I wonder if he was just delirious from the beauty….  Regardless, you will not be so lucky as to pay that but you will be dazzled by the stunning beauty, the delicious cuisine and the intimate feel of this hotel institution.  Do not miss dinner at La Sponda – my very discerning clients enjoyed an anniversary dinner there last year and said it was the best meal of their lives.
  • Steal  – Buca di Bacco This is a charming small hotel located directly on the beach in Positano. It’s a perfect spot from which to explore the town and the coast. The hydrofoil for Capri departs right from the docks on the beach so it is a perfect location for a relaxing stay in the area. Book early for a sea view room with a balcony.

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