Life in Italy is different. Not so different that you feel completely out of sorts and disoriented.  Just different enough that if you take the time to observe daily life and how Italians live, you will notice the little things.  Practices and details that really make the country and its people what they are. 

I love being that kind of observer. I could sit in an airport for hours and people watch.  I spent years trying to master the nuances of the Italian language to erase any trace of an American accent (some say I succeeded, albeit with a Roman accent).



Every Tuesday I am going to share these observations with you in hopes that you can live vicariously through this blog and learn to embrace la dolce vita as I have for the past 20 years.   One practice a week that you can incorporate into your life and, in my opinion, make it that much richer and more beautiful.

Viva Italia! 

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