The Venetian Way In the realm of the most obvious of obvious statements: I love Italy.  I feel something special about it in my soul. It is truly a part of me and I feel more alive there than anywhere.  It is this feeling that I try to convey in each and every trip that I create for my clients.  Does it always work?  I suppose not.  Italy is not for everyone. I mean, some people don’t care for jaw-dropping beauty.  And delicious food just isn’t for everyone. But I have managed to convert a lot of people. And since it feels like I am always doing the talking here on the blog (because I am), I thought it would be nice to hear comments about the L’Esperta experience from the cavallo’s mouth. They immersed themselves in the rich history, the artistic tradition, they learned about the people, the land, the food, and wine.   They fell in love.   I get it.


“Your efforts to entertain, educate and give us enough relaxation and shopping were excellent!  When I am asked what I liked best or how could the trip be improved, all I can say is it was perfection.  It met and exceeded all my expectations. Your attention to every detail and your ability to deal with our personal needs, wants, and quirks of this postmenopausal group was a lesson in patience and kindness.  You were made for this career!”   – Marilyn


“Ashley, thank you for helping us plan a memorable Italian experience. The transportation by planes, trains, buses and the rental car went without a hitch. The accommodations were unique ranging from historic to modern to a charming garden room. All the sites were consistent in being in ideal locations with helpful and sincere staffing, and elegant breakfasts… We are now going through withdrawal from Chianti, Lemoncello, and gelato! Thanks again, Ashley…you took care of all of the details, offered insightful suggestions and responded quickly to all our requests and questions. We highly recommend your services to other travelers.” -Sandy


Thank you for arranging a memorable trip as we’re in luv w/ Italy and look forward to going back again!  All the hotels, guides, drivers, etc were wonderful. ” – Marcy


“…every guide or driver was right in my hotel, on point, and how every single person you set us up with was a fascinating person, who happily guided or drove us while filling our heads with more information about their country than I could have ever imagined.  Our hotels were beautiful and upgraded to exactly what I was hoping for.  I just can’t say enough… Ashley you truly made this a trip of a lifetime.  To have a trip so well planned that we never had to put our thinking caps on to figure things out meant there wasn’t a minute of our time wasted.” -Sondra



In this season of thanksgiving, I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity once again this year to share my love of Italy with so many wonderful people.  Thank you to those who have allowed me to lead you on this journey.  Believe me, while I would like to take all of the credit, Italy is a place that just gets under your skin.  In the words of the esteemed Robert Browning: “Open my heart and you will see, graved inside of it ‘Italy’.”

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