I can imagine myself staying here  – looking to Todi in the distance, a glass of wine in hand, sitting on the patio enjoying the company of friends and family who are gathered around me.  We have spent the morning in Orvieto, admiring the cathedral and the views of the Umbrian countryside, shopping for ceramics and lunching on truffle pasta and wild boar stew at my favorite restaurant.  We stopped at the market on the way home and are taking in the sunset before we make dinner.  There are vineyards and olive trees all around us but that is the extent of the “neighbors”.  This is paradise.


la segreta

This is not for the traveler who is looking for everything at your fingertips, tourism at breakneck speed kind of vacation.  It is absolutely off the beaten path and a slower pace in a region that is replete with small sleepy hill towns and stunning landscapes.   But if you are looking for a completely fabulous and unique experience, a stay at La Segreta should definitely be on your list. I know it’s on mine.

One thought on “La Segreta – I ALMOST Don’t Want This Secret to Get Out…

  1. OH how glorious!! OK, I’m now rethinking where to go on a special trip! And I know who I will call 🙂 THANK YOU!! It shouts, Calgon, take me away! 😉

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