Nothing tastes good. It may be that I am still jet lagged or that the bug that was being passed around our little group of bloggers made its way to me. Or maybe it’s that once one feasts for four days straight and is treated to three hour banquets of fresh, delicious food, the need to eat is really secondary for quite some time.   So while I munch on toast, apples and baked potatoes back here in the States, I will dream of the glorious food of the Romagna.  I dare you not to drool….


 It takes a lot of restraint to eat only two!


 Our picnic in Santarcangleo






I will be featuring the recipes and stories from my most excellent adventure on the blog over the next few weeks so stay tuned.  I am really #lovingromagna and can’t wait to introduce you to the people of this beautiful land. If you are looking for another drool worthy post, check out my fun adventure on Context Travel’s Florence for Foodies tour.

One thought on “The Food of Romagna – A Photo Essay

  1. Ashley, So happy you had a great time . I have drool all over my Kindle . What amazing pics. Thank you for sharing and feel better . Hugs ,JoAnne

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