13 years ago I had the opportunity to meet a really cool person.  At first, I wasn’t sure about her.  She was a little whiny and VERY demanding. But she was pretty funny and had a belly laugh that was infectious. Over time, we got to know each other better and I soon discovered that the girl loved to talk.  Boy, could she talk!   About everything and anything.  She doesn’t love silence, is ever inquisitive and curious.   She has the rational mind, blue eyes and long legs of her father.  She shares a love of Broadway musicals with her maternal grandmother.  She has her mother’s love of cooking and travel as well as her impulsive and emotional personality.

This young woman has a personality that is larger than life.  She once convinced the bus driver to turn the bus around so she could pick up her forgotten homework. When she was 7, she tucked a $10 bill into each of her parents’ Valentine’s Day cards. She loves horses, goes to bed too late because she is reading, sings Hamilton songs at the top of her lungs in the shower, has a bucket list of travel destinations a mile long and is quite possibly the sweetest girl I have ever met.

Ok, I am a little biased. Happy 13th Birthday to my greatest accomplishment.  I love you!

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