I am having the most incredible week.    I will be exhausted come Sunday and will probably need to check into Betty Ford, Weight Watchers, and Shopaholics Anonymous but whatever – it will all be worth it.  My youngest is away at camp this week and I found myself with a perfect storm of free time and lots of people in my life being around and otherwise uncommitted.  Plans were made.  My husband has earned a coveted dinner with me tonight (lucky dude) but other than that I have been and will be surrounded by my girlfriends, women from all facets of my life –  from childhood, college, years in Italy and a wonderful group of businesswomen.  Sunday was brunch with my two oldest (sorry ladies) friends in the world.  We have known each other since 1st grade and we met for breakfast, each with a daughter in tow.  The “mini me’s” were pretty much bored to tears after the waffles were gone but they hung in there and let us have our time.  We don’t see each other often but there is no awkwardness or lack of conversation.  We fall into our old routines and then say goodbye with a promise to get together when I am back in our hometown again.  Life is busy and we are consumed by our jobs, families, activities so there is no pretense that we will talk every week or even manage a text occasionally but it doesn’t matter.  My heart was filled with love and memories.



Last night I spent the evening with what can only be called a gaggle of women.  Nine of us gathered around a table at Kris’ house and never moved (except to get more wine) and we laughed and told stories and caught up.  I have known a couple of these women for several years but most I met not more than 3 months ago.  There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie among us.  We are all professional women who are committed to growing our businesses and the support and love for each other is fabulous.

My week will culminate in an annual tradition that will be interrupted under no circumstances.  Girls Weekend at the Cape has been going on for over 10 years.  There is an original group of 8 women. Sometimes we all make it, other times there are only a handful of us. As I said, life gets in the way.  The traditions run strong – everyone sleeps in her same bed every year.  Friday is dinner out, Saturday is shopping for some, beach for others, Saturday night dinner at the house and the weekend is capped off with a lovely brunch.  Friends come from near and far – San Francisco, Washington DC, New York.  We celebrate babies, milestone birthdays, recoveries and most of all friendship.  It’s one of the most important weekends of my year and I can’t wait to see my girls and give them all a big hug.   I know that life gets busy but this week try to take some time and celebrate the most important gift you have – the gift of friendship.  Reach out and spend some time with a friend, old or new. You will never regret that.   Leave me a message and tell me about it!

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