My husband and I have a list.  We don’t always agree on it and rather than getting shorter, it seems to get longer and longer as our years together go by.  No, it’s not a honey-do list, it’s a travel dream list.  We have created a list of places we would love to go and experiences we would like to have.  We share a love of travel and each of is willing to venture off to one of the far flung places on the other’s list but we do have a different order of priority.  Spain is right at the top of mine (I am surprised that I have not been there before) whereas Doug is itching to go to Hong Kong.   Our lists include places we would like to go with the children, places that we want to go WITHOUT the children. There are lots of US destinations and places where one of us has been but the other hasn’t.  Believe it or not, there are places in Italy on that list.  Places that I have only visited briefly and to which I long to return.  Places that I want more than anything to share with Doug. We resist putting the places we have been together on the list though the nostalgic allure is definitely there.  I think we thought that we would have been checking more off the list by now but as always, life gets in the way.   Pesky things like school, work and money….  But it’s nice to dream and plan for the future though at this point we should probably stop adding to the list, unless we plan to sell off all of our worldly possessions and hit the road. Not a bad idea now that I think of it…



If you don’t have a travel dream list I encourage you to start one. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and no one is holding you to it but it can serve as a great temporary escape when you are up to your elbows in carpools, dishes and deadlines.  Do YOU have a list?  Let me know in the comments below what is on it.  We can all inspire one another.

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