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When we were preparing to get married, we met with our minister a few times before the wedding.  During one of our meetings, he said to us, “I hope you are planning a honeymoon – an important event such as this one merits a week off to celebrate each other and your commitment”.  We were fortunate to be able to do just that and we spent a fabulous week in San Francisco and the Wine Country of California.  In today’s world, it is more difficult than ever to take that time.  Work obligations, time constraints, lack of planning all lead to a honeymoon being put off for a later date.  Unfortunately, after the marriage, life REALLY gets in the way and that promised trip never happens.  Here are some tips to make that honeymoon (or any romantic trip) happen.


1.   Get it on the Calendar 

Even before you choose where you are going, find the dates and make a commitment to it.  It is way to easy to talk about a trip in the abstract and never actually make it happen. Blank squares on a calendar get filled up and then it looks impossible to make the changes to doctors appointments, parties, bikini waxes, etc. 


2. Decide on Something for Each of You 

Presuambly you have common interests but I am sure that there are some places where your paths diverge.   Pick a place that offers a compromise (welcome to marriage my friends).  Wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma along with a two seater convertible to zoom along the winding roads of the Oakville Grade were a perfect fit for us.  


3. Don’t Over Do It

Sometimes it feels like you will never take a trip again and the first instinct is to pack in as much as possible.   But the point of a trip like this is to be together and enjoy each other’s company, something you will hardly be able to do if you are running from activity to activity crashing in exhaustion by the end of the day.  Plan some activities but leave plenty of time for hanging out at a cafe or going for a stroll.


4.  Leave it to the Professionals

I just planned a trip for a couple for their 20th anniversary.  They have actually been married for 23 years but just couldn’t get the logistics and details done and kept putting it off.  Web searches, reading countless hotel reviews and talking to friends all became so overwhelming that each year would pass by and the trip would be postponed.  They came to me with a vague idea and I was able to conceptualize the itinerary and fill in the  details in a matter of days.  All the details were taken care of,  curated suggestions were given and they experienced Italy in a way not possible by searching the Internet. 

Be it a honeymoon, anniversary trip or romantic getaway, a trip like this is so special that you want to get it right.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Make the most of your time by calling in an expert who can craft a personalized trip of a lifetime.  When you return home those memories will stay with you as you shuttle kids to soccer practice, sit through endless meetings at work or take your dog out for his morning walk.   Its good for you, it’s good for everyone.  

Do you think that Italy is just about the most romantic place in the world?  Looking for some ideas about where to go?  Check out our virtual tour for some of our favorites.

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